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I have a handful of finished pieces and I am just waiting for a sunny day to photograph them. Once I do I will update

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If Peter Halley’s studio assistants fell asleep on the job.

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Rainy day palette with chance of sunshine

Rainy day palette with chance of sunshine

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"Punk was in part supposed to be about freeing oneself from the hegemony of cool. Grunge was supposed to be a return to this, but it wrecked itself on the shores of a generation embodied by the content-free irony that characterized the television show Seinfeld (laugh track and all) at its best. Irony becomes not the appropriate response to certain aspects of life, but rather a detached way of engaging with everything."

Jon Cogburn, New APPS

Grunge, punk, irony and dissection of analytic v continental philosophy follows. Read this.

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